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Scorekeepers Bar & Grill

Scorekeepers is a neighborhood bar and restaurant on Cleveland's west side in Parma Heights. It is popular with local neighborhood residents.
Phone: 440-882-6885
Location: 6395 Pearl Rd.
Parma Heights Ohio 44130
Region: West Side
Venue Type: Restaurant -
Age Type: 21 and Over
Facility Type: Dining Room - Bar -
Smoking: Yes
Menu Type:Lunch - Dinner -
Price Range (Dinner Entree):Low
Restaurant Type: American - Burgers - Bar Food -
Events: (0) Events for this venue


If you want to have a good time and this is the place. It has great food great drinks and a friendly staff. The music is always GOOD. Highly recommended.

Columbus 11/10/2008
out of control!

I went to Scorekeepers about one year ago and haven't been back since! Our whole family used to go there about once a week, for dinner or late night dining. My kids (over 21), husband and myself went there on a Friday night, all drinks $2.00. About midway through our time there, women started dancing, in a contest, and little by little started to undress. So there I was with my husband and kids, watching 4 women nude from the waist up dancing on platforms! Not what I expected to see there, and will never go back to support that bar and grill again!

brook park 9/27/2008
Scorekeepers is always a great time

I love this bar it is always a graet time. They always have something going on. for instacne i paly poker there every monday. it is a free tournament that the bar runs that you can win a bar tab every week. there is always a great crowd of people and i always have fun. plain and simple i love this place!!!!!

parma 3/2/2008
Don't Go Here

I went there last week and used my charge card. I ordered $10.00 worth of drinks and tipped them $2.00. My bill on-line said $19.00 so thei waitresses screwed me and gave themselves an extra $7 on my card. They screwed me and they will screw you. Chris

Brook Park 1/3/2008
LOVE the atmosphere -- DON'T change it!!

I used to hang out here when it was BW3, and I'm so glad that Scorekeepers has retained the tradition and fun times after taking it over, as well as keeping the menu pretty close to what I was accustomed to having. O.S.U. Saturdays are excellent at this place, and the fireplace makes the atmosphere. Please DON'T change it!! I go as often as possible, and I like everything just the way it is!

Cleveland 8/21/2007
Started out Ok, but that's Parma for you!

Scorekeepers has been a great place for the past several years. Great people, great food and it was always a clean place. The last year or so it's still be a good place to eat but the clientel have really damaged the place with the bathrooms contstantly torn up and damaged. The tiled floors throughout the bar are always sticky and dirty from the night before and the place just doesn't smell as clean as it used to with a lingering odor that can no longer be masked by cigarette smoke. This isn't a knock against the guys at Scorekeepers as it was my bar of choice but lately I find something closer to home before I make the trip.

North Royalton 8/16/2007

simply the best bar and grill food we have found since we relocated here from denver.colorado--we now have a favorite place to hang out

patrick SENN from parma 9/11/2006

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