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Phone: (330) 467-1108
Location: 32 W. Aurora Rd.
Northfield Village Ohio 44067
Venue Type: Restaurant -
Age Type: Everyone
Facility Type: Dining Room -
Menu Type:Lunch - Dinner -
Price Range (Dinner Entree):High
Restaurant Type: Italian -
Events: (0) Events for this venue

AWFUL Experience!

My family ate at Giuseppe's Restaurant this past Saturday. We were celebrating my Mom's 60th birthday , and we had a total of 19 guests. Immediately after we sat down, the owner pulled my Mom aside, the guest of honor, to ask her how long she thought we'd be there. She didn't realize it was a birthday party, and she made it obvious she wanted us out of there as soon as we finished eating our dinners. We purposely made the dinner reservation for 5:00pm so that we'd be eating before the dinner rush. The owner proceeded to stare at our table and constantly hovered around us to see how we were doing time-wise. If the owner isn't willing to accomodate a large party, she should have never taken the reservation! She made our celebration extremely awkward to the point that we didn't feel comfortable ordering dessert or coffee. Her main focus was to turn the table as quickly as possible with no regard for how much we were spending at her establishment. I will NEVER go back, and I urge you not to dine there either.

Brecksville 9/26/2011
Get the Tilapia!

This is an excellent restaurant if you don't want to be rushed and a great place to go with people you enjoy spending time with. It is definitely the finest restaurant in the Nordonia Hills area and we are lucky to have it. We very much enjoy the warm and friendly service of this family run gem. Ask for daughter Angela as your server. She is sweet, beautiful and the best. We've dined here many, many times and I can never seem to order anything but their Tilapia with lemon caper butter sauce. It is perfection. And if it's not a special or on the menu, just ask and they will prepare it for you. This is an all around outstanding and restaurant, five stars in my book.

Macedonia 7/31/2009
Save your $

I thought I would try this for lunch. The decor was pleasing but the prices were shocking (i.e. $10.50 for a small spaghetti and meatballs). The bread was hot and yeasty but the dipping sauce was bland (100% olive oil?) with no decernable taste. This set the tone for lunch which stretched to 1.5 hours. The meager salad again was bland and I must suspect that there was no spices what-so-ever in the tomato sauce which reminded me of Ragu. I give it one star out of five.

Anonymous 6/26/2007

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